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3 Sexy roleplay scenarios to try this Halloween!
24 Oct

3 Sexy roleplay scenarios to try this Halloween!

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Sexy roleplay is fun all year round, but Halloween lends itself especially well to this proclivity. After all, you’re already in costume – why not take it a little further and add sex into the mix?!

Here are three roleplay premises that could easily be played out in costume – or even while you’re wearing nothing at all!

1) Superhero & Civilian

New superhero movies come out every year; this type of character is always a popular Halloween costume choice. Wonder Woman is set to be one of the top costumes of 2017, for example, subverting the unfair tradition of men getting all the cool superhero costumes to themselves.

Imagine the possibilities of roleplaying as a superhero who’s pursuing and saving a random civilian. One person has way more power and strength than the other – and the powerless one then owes their savior a debt of gratitude, if you know what I mean! For a dark twist, you could switch things up and be a supervillain and civilian instead – comics villains are always the most twisted, terrifically sadistic weirdos!

2) Student & Professor

It’s a classic for a reason: the built-in power dynamic is hot, either character can be either stoic and reluctant or transgressively seductive, and the costumes are cute to boot! You can pick up a “sexy schoolgirl” costume at just about any lingerie shop right about now, and other scholarly gear is easy to find at vintage shops and the like: tweed blazers with elbow patches, high-necked collared shirts, conservative neckties.

Whether you go the route of bad grades requiring a punishment, or have the conniving student seduce the nebbish professor, you’re sure to have fun with this one! Don’t forget to share a bright red apple for aftercare…

3) Celebrity & Fan

If one of you is dressing as a celeb for Halloween – anyone from Lady Gaga to Karl Lagerfeld to Lucille Ball – it’s easy to cast the other partner in the role of that person’s number-one fan. There’s a power imbalance inherent in this dynamic that can be fun to play with, and you’ll also get to flex your acting muscles!

Consider the implications: which body part does the fan desperately want their fave star to autograph? What will the fan do in exchange for said autograph? How much can they blackmail the celeb for, if a naughty selfie should happen to be taken surreptitiously? The stars (wink wink) are the limit!

Have you ever done any sexy roleplay in your Halloween costume? What devious situations did you get yourself into?

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