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5 Iconic types of vibrators and why you'll love them
27 May

5 Iconic types of vibrators and why you'll love them

Posted By: Kate Sloan

The vibrator has existed for well over a century, and the sex toy industry is always updating this well-worn invention. That being said, there are still some kinds of vibrator which are classics for a reason, and whose popularity has stood the test of time. Here are those types of vibrator…

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibes.

These are the simplest vibrators available: they are small and shaped like bullets, as their name suggests, and they’re usually operated with a simple one-button control scheme. They’re also some of the least expensive vibes on the market, with decent ones starting around $15, although you can upgrade to a better-quality one down the line if you find you like the bullet shape. Bullet vibes are a great starting point for sex toy newbies, because they’re easy to use, small enough to avoid being intimidating, and can help you figure out whether you like vibration enough to investigate it further. But many seasoned sex toy aficionados still love bullets, for their focused shape and portability.

Classic Vibrators

Smoothie vibes.

Also known as “classic” vibes, these are basically a bigger, longer take on the bullet vibe. Their increased size makes them useable internally for vaginal stimulation, though they can also be used externally, and often are. As with bullets, you can get a very simple, inexpensive smoothie vibe, or you can upgrade to a fancier one. Many people like smoothies for their versatility: it’s great to have a vibe around that can stimulate whichever erogenous zone you’re in the mood to have stimulated, whether inside or outside!

Wand Vibrators

Wand vibes.

Made famous by the original Magic Wand and the 1970s feminists who popularized its use as a sex toy, this genre of vibe is still hugely popular. Wands are, notoriously, the strongest vibrators you can get, short of springing for a $1,300 Sybian or some kind of custom job – so they’re beloved by power enthusiasts who like their bits jackhammered into bliss. They can also be passed off as “back massagers” if a conservative relative or curious child happens upon them, so they’re more discreet than many other options available.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibes.

These were brought into widespread public awareness by Sex and the City in 1998, and they’re still an oft-requested hit in sex shops. The classic style, used by Charlotte in that fateful episode, has a rotating shaft that stimulates the G-spot, while the external “bunny ears” vibrate the clitoris. However, there are as many different types of rabbit vibrator as there are breeds of literal rabbit (probably – I’m not a zoologist!). Most recently, the We-Vibe Nova revolutionized this category of toy with its flexible external arm, which moves with your body to stay in contact with the clitoris as you thrust. Now that’s a smart rabbit!

Couples Vibrators

Couples’ vibes.

While technically any type of vibrator or sex toy can be used with a partner, these high-tech vibrators are specifically meant to be used during hetero intercourse. The We-Vibe is the original couples’ vibe: one arm is worn inside the vagina to stimulate the G-spot, while the other sits outside on the clitoris. The penis slots in underneath the internal arm, and the combination of thrusting and vibration creates stimulation both partners can enjoy. These toys are a fun and hands-free addition to partnered sex that can produce better and easier orgasms for both people!

What are your favorite types of vibrator?

Comment below!

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We-Vibe Nova Vibrator [with free lube]

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Lelo Lily 2 Egg Vibrator

More powerful, more beautiful, and more discreet, than the original Lily, the Lily 2 is perfect for solo play or nestling between partners. It's body safe, silky surface is delicately infused with a signature fragrance to satisfy all of your senses. The Lily 2 is now 100% waterproof and rechargeable, with 8 stimulation patterns - Explore endless pleasure wherever it takes you. A choice of fresh, romantic scents based on common aphrodisiacs and relaxing notes for a spellbinding and all-encompassing experience. Plum = Bordeaux & Chocolat Scent Pink = Rose & Wisteria Scent Lavender = Lavender & Manuka Honey Scent   100% Waterproof And USB-Rechargeable Offers 4 hours of satisfying pleasure from a single 2-hour charge, and fully submersible for the bath or shower. Sophisticated Luxury for Solo or Partnered Play Perfectly formed to fit in your palm, LILY™ 2’s silky surface can be used externally to stimulate all of your erogenous zones. How to Use: To turn on, push the button on the right above the LELO logo. It should start vibrating straight away. Then, to adjust the power, hold the right hand button to increase and the left button to decrease. Cycle through the settings by pressing the button on the right and holding it down for 2 seconds. The vibration will change when you release the button. Pressing the left button once on any mode will revert you straight to continuous vibration mode. To turn it off, press the left button to decrease the power all the way, and then hold for 2 seconds. It will turn off when you release the button. To lock LILY™ 2 simply hold the buttons together until the light turns off. To re-activate and turn on, hold the buttons together until the light turns on. To use as part of sex, nestle it against the most sensitive intimate area and then invite a partner to join. The pressure and vibrations will be applied pleasurably to both partners during sex. ..

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