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7 Excellent reasons to get it on right now
19 Mar

7 Excellent reasons to get it on right now

Posted By: IGNITE
  1. Boosts your immune system
    Studies have shown that more sexually active people get sick less often. Try to do it at least 2 times a week!
  2. Reduces anxiety and depression
    Being close to your partner releases those feel-good brain chemicals, but orgasms alone work too!
  3. Boosts your libido
    The more sex you have, the better it gets, and the more you’ll crave it.
  4. Helps you sleep better
    Orgasms release hormones that induce the feeling of relaxation and sleepiness. Notice how you want to pass out after a good session?
  5. Burns calories
    Depending on how creative you get it expends at least 5 calories per minute. The quicker the pace and more challenging positions, the more you burn baby!
  6. Reduces pain
    Orgasms release hormones that help increase your pain tolerance. Cramps, headaches, and arthritis can all be reduced with a little lovin.
  7. Cures boredom
    When you’re tired of staring at your phone and can’t find a good flick to watch, get it on!
  8. BONUS! The world is ending
    JK. We don't really know that as of yet (damn you #coronavirus). But don't take any chances!


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