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Ben Wa Balls & Kegels

Ben Wa balls are small balls that contain varying amounts of weight and are used for sexual stimulation. They are used by inserting into your vagina and contracting your Kegel muscles to move or hold them in place. Other names for these toys are Burmese bells, Orgasm balls, rin-no-tama, Venus balls or Geisha balls.

Aneros Vivi Vibrating Kegel Exerciser

The Vivi is held in place by the grasp of the pelvic floor muscles (the kegels!). With exercising th..

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We-Vibe Bloom Kegel Balls

Have fun exploring a new way of doing kegel exercises. Strengthen your PC muscles in a fun and easy ..

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Lelo Luna Beads Mini

Luna Beads are the worlds best selling Kegel weights system. . They ensure that every woman can find..

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Lelo Luna Smart Bead Vibrator

Your Personal Pleasure Trainer. Meet the Luna Smart Bead, your very own personal pleasure trainer! W..

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Aneros Evi Kegel Exerciser [DISCONTINUED] Sold out
Aneros Evi Kegel Exerciser [DISCONTINUED]

Evi is the first of her kind - a hands free, body-inspired pleasure massager. She is designed to com..

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Crystal Kegel Wand Small Sold out
Crystal Kegel Wand Small

The entire Crystal collection is made of 100% hand-blown, premium Borosilicate glass. These items ar..

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Tired of the search for non-toxic, non-porous, body-safe sex toys? Tired of buying the same ol' cheap vibrators that keep breaking? Does your dildo still smell like plastic chemicals no matter how many times you wash it? Are you ready to up your game?

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