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Erotic Wildflower Flip Frame - Shower Love

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Perfect for those that may entertain guests and would rather keep their freak side private. When people are visiting, just flip this babe over for a dried wildflower arrangement. No one will suspect otherwise. Or if you don't mind letting your freak fly, hang from a ceiling or curtain rod to enjoy both sides! Excellent gift for him or her.

This is not a reproduction print. It's hand drawn by Crystal (owner of Ignite Pleasure Products), with pastel pencils on sanded pastel art paper. The flowers were sourced in NH by a local individual flower supplier, then dried, arranged, and glued to art paper.

**Do not hang in your bathroom. The moisture in the air will ruin the art as well as the flowers.**


  • Pastel pencils on fine art black paper
  • 8" frame comes with 6.5" artwork
  • Mounted in tarnished brass frame with 2 glass door enclosures
  • Dried, pressed New England wildflowers on flip side
  • Signed by CMB (owner of Ignite Pleasure Products)
  • Price is per each and includes shipping to contiguous US states
  • If you hate it, you can return it for a 10% restocking fee.

Looking for something else? Contact me for your custom erotic art! Just give me some ideas of what your looking for and we can chat about the details.

How to clean your body-safe, non-toxic sex toys

  • Vibrators that are splash-proof or water-proof
    Wash with mild soap and warm water. With splash-proof toys, be careful not to fully submerse or run them under water for too long.
  • Vibrators that are not water friendly
    Wipe them down with damp cloth (mild soap and warm water).
  • Silicone
    Wash with mild soap and warm water. You may also boil them for 8-10 min.
  • Glass, Metal, Plastic, or Wood
    Wash with mild soap and warm water. You may also wipe them down with rubbing alcohol.
  • Anal Toys
    Wash with mild soap and warm water. If you have used a toy anally and you plan to also use them vaginally afterwards, you should disinfect by boiling (only non-vibrating and body-safe toys), or wipe them down with rubbing alcohol.

Note: Always check the toy's the box or user's manual before you clean your sex toy.

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