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About IGNITE Pleasure Products

When searching for the perfect sex toy to add to your arsenal of bedroom fun gadgets, do you pay attention to the materials they’re made of? If you do, that’s great! You’re a step ahead. If you don’t, you should take a look at this quick article about body safe sex toys.

So what does this have to do with IGNITE?

We make it easy to shop the best sex toys on the market.

About Ignite Pleasure Products
Crystal Marie

"Why do I sell adult toys? Why wouldn't I? It's fucking fun and I love it! I'm really proud of the product lines that I choose to retail because I've spent countless hours searching for safe sex toys that are made of quality, non-toxic, AND non-porous materials. Not all sites would provide that level of information. The industry isn't regulated yet, so manufacturers are not required to disclose their "ingredients". Countless times, I would quit searching before I would purchase anything because I would become frustrated that I wasn't confident in the information that I could find about the materials. So I created IGNITE, a fun, easy, and informational shopping experience where you'll only find the best sex toys, made by manufacturers that also believe in quality and sexual wellness. I also have a strong background in web development and design (which I also enjoy doing), so I am able develop the website myself and design all the graphics as well! Yay me!" - Crystal, Owner (October of 2014)

Here at IGNITE you can shop with ease, comfort and confidence. All the adult toys we provide are body-safe, non-toxic, AND non-porous. We display details about the materials each toy is made of, but when browsing our site you can shop without worry because we provide only the best, quality toys for your enjoyment – none of that ‘bad’ shit.

Here’s some other cool things about IGNITE:

  • You are encouraged to leave your feedback and reviews on any/all products, whether you purchased from this site or not.
  • We will never send you snail-mail and keep email marketing to a minimum.
  • Your packages will arrive discreetly in a plain USPS or UPS shipping box [your choice at checkout].
  • You may choose to use your discreet PayPal login or your credit card [also discreetly and securely processed via PayPal].
  • Learn more about our discreet shipping and billing.

Why buy from IGNITE?

Because there’s no reason not to. IGNITE has the same quick & discreet shipping, discreet billing, friendly customer service, competitive pricing, and all that good stuff that other retailers have. Why not buy from “them”? Go ahead. We can’t stop you. But, we will tell you that we weed through all the bullshit toys and only provide you with the most popular, quality adult toys on the market. Not just based on our personal opinions, but also the opinions of friends, various sex toy bloggers & reviewers, and YOUR feedback.

We avoid the cheap shit. Some things you just shouldn’t skimp on ….In our opinion, you should never settle for generic brand Cheez-its, and you should never settle for cheaply made sex toys. You’ll be a lot more satisfied if you invest in the quality of your pleasure. Do you really want a cheap toy, made of cheap materials that literally stinks (or may even cause infections), and will break after just a few uses? I didn’t think so.


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