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CBD Infused

Cannabidiol, known on the streets as CBD, is a non-psychoactive  cannabinoid (unlike THC) found in the cannabis/hemp plant. So no, you won't get stoned and you won't get the munchies either. But it does have a relaxing effect, especially for those with anxiety. And don't worry about passing drug tests or breaking the law, as of December 2018, CBD has been made legal nationwide.

CBD can be consumed orally or used topically. Many sex toy companies are now infusing their lubes and massage oils with CBD because, when used externally, it has an anti-inflammatory effect that can relieve pain and tension. It can also increase blood flow, which will gently enhance stimulation and your body's natural lubrication process. It's pretty much a miracle substance that has hundreds of benefits and yet to have any known ill side effects. CBD is even safe for your fur-babies!

 These lubes, lotions and oils are infused with CBD for your pleasure. Try some on, then slip and slide into a nice, relaxed, sexy time.

Bella Olio per Massaggio CBD - Rose

Bella’s Olio Per Massaggio (Rose) is a lightweight oil infused with premium hypoallergenic CBD ext..

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Bella Olio per Massaggio CBD - Tropicale

Bella’s Olio Per Massaggio (Tropicale) is a lightweight oil infused with premium hypoallergenic CB..

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Privy Peach CBD Coco Jambo Intimate Butter (350 mg)

This Lubricant is perfect for exploratory play or those who just need more. It's an organic long l..

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Privy Peach CBD Erotic Topical Oil (150mg)

Take your sex life to new heights with sensation enhancing Erotic Topical Oil (previously known as..

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Privy Peach CBD Intimate Oil - 10-pack (250 mg)

This product was designed with women in mind. This simple formula works even with the most sensiti..

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