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Sugar Sak Anti-Bacterial Sex Toy Storage Bag - Extra Large

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Trusted Sex Toy Brands Sugar Sak

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Keep your toys safe & bacteria-free! This designer bag is coated with a special microbiostatic barrier to keep your toys clean and in pristine condition. The leopard-print lining of the lint-free bag is coated with BIOSHIELD 75™, an EPA-approved and patented coating that naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, mildew and viruses. XL size includes a hidden compartment for lubes, condoms or bullet vibes.

BIOSHIELD 75™ is unique. It creates a stong bond with a multitude of surfaces, porous and non-porous, forming a highly durable protective coating. Its molecules form a microscopic field of “spikes” that puncture microbes without the use of poisons. Since BioShield 75's methodology is mechanical instead of toxious, it does not create "superbugs" which build up a resistance to treatment (much like antibiotics can). BioShield is applied liberally to the Sugar Sak thus providing maximum protection.

NOTE: When storing toys that are NOT made of body-safe, non-toxic and non-porous materials, be sure to store them separately as they may melt together. Learn more about body-safe, non-toxic and non-porous sex toys.

How to clean your body-safe, non-toxic sex toys

  • Vibrators that are splash-proof or water-proof
    Wash with mild soap and warm water. With splash-proof toys, be careful not to fully submerse or run them under water for too long.
  • Vibrators that are not water friendly
    Wipe them down with damp cloth (mild soap and warm water).
  • Silicone
    Wash with mild soap and warm water. You may also boil them for 8-10 min.
  • Glass, Metal, Plastic, or Wood
    Wash with mild soap and warm water. You may also wipe them down with rubbing alcohol.
  • Anal Toys
    Wash with mild soap and warm water. If you have used a toy anally and you plan to also use them vaginally afterwards, you should disinfect by boiling (only non-vibrating and body-safe toys), or wipe them down with rubbing alcohol.

Note: Always check the toy's the box or user's manual before you clean your sex toy.

Learn more on how to clean your body-safe toys

Please note: Actual measurements may not be exact. Some toys are handmade and will vary. Measurements described below are provided from the manufacturer and are typically taken at the widest and longest part of the toy.

Additional Features
Length 13 in
Width / Diameter 9.5 in
Features Anti-Bacterial

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Jennie - 9.19.2014

When this came in the mail, I thought that it would only hold my new, very large toy, but I was surprised. I fit quite a few toys in it. I'm still going to get more, so we can have a different bag for each kind of toy. It sure beats plastic bags, which is what we've been using.

purplepassion - 2.27.2012

These bags are BIG. They do hold lots of toys or just one big toy. I use these for my special toys that have a charger. I use the hidden inside pocket to store the charger. You may want to wash the bag before using, though. I had placed my favorite vibrator in one brand new bag and the lining dye stained the handle a bit. These bags also keep your toys from getting germs and mildew, and when packed separately they prevent bad interactions between other toys surface material.

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