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Tantus Acute 5" Silicone Dildo

The Acute is a Medium-Sized dildo that safe for both vaginal and anal play that mimics the perfect a..

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Tantus The Little Flirt Anal Plug

Perfect if you're interested in trying anal for the first time! The Little Flirt is barely a pinky w..

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Tantus Silk Small 4" Silicone Dildo

The perfect choice for a first dildo. The Tantus Silk link of dildos are available in three sizes an..

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Tantus Silk Large 7" Silicone Dildo

Looking for somethign simple, long, and girthy? The Tantus Silk Large is made of 100% Ultra-Premium ..

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Tantus Silk Medium 5" Silicone Dildo

Looking for the perfect first dildo? The Tantus Silk line is a great choice. This non-realistic dild..

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Tantus Sport Vibrating Strap-On Sold out
Tantus Sport Vibrating Strap-On

Designed for the g-spot or prostate stimulatio, the Sport Kit has one smooth 100% Ultra-Premium Sili..

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Tantus 3-Speed Original Bullet Vibrator

Perfect for use in any toy that accepts a 5/8" diameter vibe insert. The Tantus' 3-Speed Original Bu..

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Tantus Little Secrets Spoon Vibrator Sold out
Tantus Little Secrets Spoon Vibrator

Why is it called The Spoon? It has a wide tip that's ideal for broader surface vibration. It's the p..

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Tantus Mark 02 6" Silicone Realistic Dildo

Mark is a perfeclty average sized, body safe dildo made of Tantus’ Ultra Premium 100% Silicone Dual ..

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Tantus Uncut No.2 6" Realistic Dildo Sold out
Tantus Uncut No.2 6" Realistic Dildo

The Uncut #2 features a Super Soft outer layer and a firm inner core for a incredibly realistic feel..

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Tantus Bend Over Beginner Vibrating Strap-On

Pace your exploration with comfort and safety. This beginner's vibrating strap on kit includes an ad..

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Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Vibrating Strap-On Sold out
Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Vibrating Strap-On

Now that you got the "hang" of it, this Intermediate Strap On Kit is the perfect way to continue exp..

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Tantus Goddess 6" Silicone Dildo Vibrator

Beautiful subtle curves, soft sleek silicone, and a removable bullet vibrator makes the Tantus God..

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Tantus Pelt Paddle

This quality silicone paddle makes an amazing addition to any BDSM toy collection. Tantus' 100% Ultr..

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Tantus Echo 6" Silicone Dildo Vibrator

Echo's phallic head is multiplied all the way down the shaft, for constant g-spot pleasure or to r..

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Tantus Goliath Vibrating 6.5" Silicone Dildo

Are you craving some girth? The Goliath is the answer, providing both size and quality. It has a 1.7..

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Tantus Curve 6" Silicone Dildo

Curved with your g-spot or prostate in mind! Great for harness play or manual handling, the subtle a..

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Tantus Suction Cup for Dildos Sold out
Tantus Suction Cup for Dildos

Made of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, this suction cup accessory is compatible with all of Tantus vib..

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Tantus The Vamp 7" Dildo

The Vamp packs a realistic shape and a slightly larger than average size. It measures just about 8 i..

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Tantus Compact 5" Silicone Dildo

Compact is a great starter dildo, or perfect for just getting warmed up. It's designed to touch the ..

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Tantus Steam Hunk Super Soft Dildo Sold out
Tantus Steam Hunk Super Soft Dildo

Steam Hunk Super Soft is a boldly designed, kinky, steam punk,science fiction, fantasy dildo. Climb ..

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