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Till You See Dawn Sex Toy Bundle

  • $269.00

Looking for some fun toys but not sure what to get? We've put together 6 great toys that are ideal for more advanced couples + some lube!

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Looking for some fun toys but not sure what to get? There are SO many fun sex toys to try! Sometimes it's more interesting (and easier) to have someone else select them for you, instead of browsing around in circles worrying about making a bad choice.

This package contains a combination of toys that will include: dildo, doubled-ended dildo, wand vibrator, cock rings, anal plugs, rope, and lube.

We've put together some really great toys that are sure to make you and your partner feel frisky and adventurous. Though you know what kinds of toys you'll receive, part of the excitement will be the anticipation of opening the box together while neither of you will know exactly what you’ll find! Add to the fun and pop open a bottle of wine, crack into your new favorite microbrew, or down a shot of some body-tingling tequila before you dig into your new tantalizing pleasure treasures.

You'll receive high quality, body-safe, non-toxic, non-porous, worry-free toys!

These won’t be your typical, party favor, cheesy, gag gift toys.

Our goal is to delight you with quality toys that will bring you safe and pleasurable experiences, over and over again.

Toys will not be packaged up in any sort of fancy gift box. We didn't want to add to your expense or create any extra waste. You'll simply get your toys packaged within the DISCREET shipping box. Color, size, and brand may vary depending on product availability.

Please note: Actual measurements may not be exact. Some toys are handmade and will vary. Measurements described below are provided from the manufacturer and are typically taken at the widest and longest part of the toy.

Additional Features
Brand Will vary
Features Dildo, doubled-ended dildo, wand vibrator, lube, cock rings, anal plugs, and rope
Material Will vary and may contain silicone, ABS plastic, glass, and nylon rope
Color Will vary

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