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Vixen Creations

Vixen Johnny Vixskin 7" Realistic Dildo

Firm, thick, and ready to satisfy even the most demanding lover, the Johnny is a firm realistic sili..

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Vixen Bandit Vixskin 7" Realistic Dildo

The Bandit is a pure silicone dildo with a satisfyingly thick girth and impressive length. Made from..

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Vixen Maverick Vixskin 7" Realistic Dildo

Exclusive formula placing VixSkin beyond comparison to others on the market: with an integrated suct..

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Vixen Leo Vibrating 7" Dildo

With the best of both worlds, Leo has that real-feal with an insertable vibrating bulled. It's one o..

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Vixen Outlaw Vixskin 8.5" Realistic Dildo

The largest dildo Vixen Creations offered, the Outlaw offers incredible length and girth in their si..

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Vixen Randy Vixskin 5.75" Realistic Dildo

VixSkin Randy is available in three colors: Caramel, Chocolate and Vanilla. Each sold separately. Di..

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Vixen Gee Whiz Blue Wand Attachment

Enjoy clitoral AND vaginal vibrations with this nifty 4 inch attachment for the popular Magic Wand v..

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Vixen Gee Whizzard Green Wand Attachment

A g-spot attachment made especially for the Magic Wand vibrator. The Gee Whizzard has a longer shaft..

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Vixen Buck Vixskin 6" Realistic Dildo

The VixSkin Buck measures 6 inches long by 2 inches wide. VixSkin takes it into a whole new dimensio..

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Vixen Colossus Vixskin 6.75" Realistic Extension Dildo

Vixen Creations Colossus is available in three colors: Caramel Tan, Chocolate Brow and Vanilla Ivory..

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Invest in the quality of your pleasure with the best, body-safe adult toys.

Tired of the search for non-toxic, non-porous, body-safe sex toys? Tired of buying the same ol' cheap vibrators that keep breaking? Does your dildo still smell like plastic chemicals no matter how many times you wash it? Are you ready to up your game?

There are literally tens of thousands of adult toys on the market. Places like Amazon, eBay, and several other "top" retailers will sell you any toy under the sun, but here you will only find the best sex toys available. The toys we select are based on the non-toxic, non-porous, body-safe materials used to make them. Your search has ended here.

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