Only the best, non-toxic, non-porous, body-safe sex toys!

XR Brands

XR Brands Mutiny Silicone O-Ring Gag with Nipple Clamps

O-ring gag and nipple clamp set. Affixing the O-ring gag in their open mouth and securing it wit..

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XR Brands Pleasure Auto Clit Sucker & Vibrator

Foreplay never sucked so much! Place the silicone cup against your labia and clit and use the automa..

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XR Brands Royal Rabbits Bunny Thrust Rabbit Vibrator

A luxurious rabbit vibrator that thrust smoothly into you while the bunny buzzes against your clit..

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XR Brands Strict Bondage Board

Ever desired a sex dungeon but didn't have the room? Couldn't commit to converting a room? The Bonda..

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XR Brands Strict Leather Open Mouth Ring Gag

This leather gag forces your subs mouth open and allows you to use your imagination after that! Keep..

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XR Brands Swelling & Thrusting Anal Plug

Experience the pleasure as this anal plug thrusts and gently expands inside you! 3 levels and 5 pa..

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XR Brands Thump It! 7X Kinetic Thumping Butt Plug

Prepare for deep, powerful sensations! The inner weight inside this plug uses Kinetic Technology t..

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XR Brands Under Control Thrusting Heated Anal Plug

It vibrates. It thrusts. It even warms up with the push of a button. All can be activated from a rem..

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Invest in the quality of your pleasure with the best, body-safe adult toys.

Tired of the search for non-toxic, non-porous, body-safe sex toys? Tired of buying the same ol' cheap vibrators that keep breaking? Does your dildo still smell like plastic chemicals no matter how many times you wash it? Are you ready to up your game?

There are literally tens of thousands of adult toys on the market. Places like Amazon, eBay, and several other "top" retailers will sell you any toy under the sun, but here you will only find the best sex toys available. The toys we select are based on the non-toxic, non-porous, body-safe materials used to make them. Your search has ended here.

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