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Safe ways to use coconut oil as lube
20 Sep

Safe ways to use coconut oil as lube

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Coconut oil seems to have about a million different uses, from increasing the good HDL when consumed, to softening your hair and moisturizing your skin when applied externally. It's also an amazing sex lube. But it can get messy and potentially risky if not done safely. Note: coconut oil is not compatible with latex. Read more about that here.

I have experimented quite a bit with using different types of coconut oil as lube. I've tried everything from large tubs of organic, unrefined, solid form (which smells amazing) to the smaller bottles of organic, refined, liquid form (nearly no scent). I've always leaned toward organic, though I don't believe coconuts are typically grown using pesticides or chemicals. But, just to be on the safe side, go organic. I do love the natural scent of coconut oil, but I have found that the refined, liquid form to be easier to use.

Organic, unrefined is the most purest form of coconut oil, will have a nice soft aroma, and contains all the beneficial nutrients. Organic, refined, liquid form coconut oil is a little less work, doesn't have much of a odor, but lacks some of the nutrients due to the refining process. Learn more about coconut oil refinement.

Here are the best ways I have found to use each form of oil:

coconut oil lube solid

1. Organic, unrefined, solid form coconut oil lube

Get a small, microwaveable serving bowl or ramekin. Preferably something around 2-3 inches in diameter. Scoop 1 tablespoon of oil into the bowl and microwave it for about 10 seconds. A little goes a long way and it melts quick! If 10 seconds isn't enough, try just a few seconds more. It doesn't have to be completely melted. After you remove it from the microwave it will continue to melt down as you swirl it around. Be sure not to over heat it! Test the temperature every few seconds.

You can now place your melted coconut oil on your bedside table (or where ever it's about to go down) and dip your fingers into the oil as needed. Though coconut oil does have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, you never want to keep dipping your hand directly into the main tub itself. Always take out just enough for your session and then throw out the remaining unused oil from the small bowl. Wash the bowl and prep a new batch of oil prior to your next session if, not within the same day. You don't want t potentially contaminate the main tub and cause any funky smells or infections.

coconut oil lube liquid dispenser

2. Organic, refined, liquid form coconut oil lube

Invest in an automatic, warming lube dispenser like the Warm TOUCH™. Wow this is a game changer! No joke. All you need to do is fill the reservoir, turn it on, prime it (if first use), and within 2 minutes you have the perfect, body-temperature lube dispensed to your fingertips without the hassle or mess of and open container. Just make sure you're using refined coconut oil because it's free of impurities that would potentially clog the motor. I prefer to use the liquid form of coconut oil, as the solid form takes much longer to heat up - especially in the nozzle. So if you're using the solid form, it will take a few tries to get the oil to come out each time you go to use it.

There are so many benefits to this dispenser setup: you don't need to microwave anything, you don't need any additional containers, you don't have the mess of dipping your fingers in to melted oil. The list goes on. Compared to regular bottles of lube (water, oil or silicone based), this dispenser doesn't get clogged up with dried lube and it's basically hands free. You just move your hand under the dispenser, and it squirts the lube out. The Warm TOUCH™ Warming Lube Dispenser has 3 settings to choose the amount of lube you'd like dispensed. It's compatible with coconut oil or ANY of you favorite lubes!

Why stop at just lubing your junk?

Another fun way to use coconut oil is slathering it all over your body! Turn a relaxing massage into a hot session. It provides a sexy shine, makes everything smooth a slippery, and naturally moisturizes your skin. And of course, it transitions nicely to using as lube. Keep in mind that your dealing with an oil, so sometimes doesn't wash out of some materials. But I haven't had an issue with 100% cotton sheets.

Note: When trying any new lube, including coconut oil, use sparingly at first. Everyone's body is different. Some lubes can disrupt your vagina's natural pH balance.

For more information about coconut oil lube safety, see

What's your favorite ways to use coconut oil during sex?

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