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What is a safe word and why do you need one?

Posted By: Kate Sloan

Safewords are a verbal signal that you want the current sexual action or scene to stop entirely and immediately. When a safeword has been mutually agreed upon beforehand, it frees up all participants in a scene to enjoy themselves fully.

8 Ridiculously Hot Sexts

Posted By: Kate Sloan

Here, then, are 8 “sexamples” of sexts you could send – quoted or paraphrased, in some cases, from my actual folder of past sexts! I hope they get your gears turning, in more ways than one...

How to get comfortable with your own fantasies

Posted By: Kate Sloan

Even the most sex-positive, open-minded people get embarrassed about their fantasies sometimes. It’s normal, in a world that tells us our sexuality is a force to be suppressed and silenced.

5 Different types of orgasms

Posted By: Kate Sloan

Orgasm is essentially a process that happens in the brain, though it’s facilitated by stimulation of various other body parts. As such, there’s really an infinite number of ways to have an orgasm. Some people need direct, intense stimulation of their genitals to get there

5 Easy introductions to kink

Posted By: Kate Sloan

If you’ve been intrigued by BDSM in the past few years, you’re not alone: kinky desires are more popular than ever.

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The sex toy industry is not regulated yet. Body safe sex toys are made from various materials and there is varying information available about what materials are actually used in each toy. Ignite does not test body safe sex toys safety but chooses to sell toys that are produced by trusted sex toy brands.

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