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Sex Toy Reviews: Who can you trust?

Posted By: Kate Sloan

A sex toy reviewer can tell you whether a toy worked for them, but they can’t tell you whether it’s an objectively good or bad toy – because there is no such thing. If your searching for the best sex toy reviews, keep in mind that all reviews are subjectiv

Sex Toy Review: We-Vibe Sex Toy Lineup

Posted By: Crystal

One sex toy maker that’s been consistently great over the past few years is We-Vibe: they crank out above-average products a few times a year, listen to consumer feedback, and update their lineup accordingly. Here are a few standouts from the We-Vibe catal

Using sex toys: solo vs. with a partner

Posted By: Kate Sloan

There’s a common misconception that sex toys are primarily for solo use – and that therefore, using toys with a partner is either superfluous or rude (or both!).

Introduce yourself to these 3 common kinks

Posted By: Kate Sloan

You don’t have to be 100% vanilla or 100% kinky. In fact, the paradigm of kink as a closed-off, elitist realm for sexperts is harmful to vanilla-identified folks who might enjoy kink a whole lot if they knew it wasn’t an all-or-nothing proposition.

4 Winning sex toy combinations

Posted By: Kate Sloan

If one sex toy is pleasurable, it stands to reason that two sex toys would be twice as pleasurable! But in reality, sometimes it can be an exponential equation: two toys can create joy that is more than the sum of their parts. Here are 4 common sex toy combinations; feel free to try ‘em out and come up with your own!

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The sex toy industry is not regulated yet. Body safe sex toys are made from various materials and there is varying information available about what materials are actually used in each toy. Ignite does not test body safe sex toys safety but chooses to sell toys that are produced by trusted sex toy brands.

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