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5 Suprprisingly Common Sexual Fantasies

Posted By: Kate Sloan

Are you sexual fantasies kinky? They may be more common than you think! Many people feel embarrassed or broken because of their kinks, it’s why we sometimes don’t even realize our kinks are kinks, and it’s why we’re often surprised to find that that “weird

Plug 'n Play: A beginner's guide to anal

Posted By: Kate Sloan

Butt stuff is one of the most divisive sexual activities out there. The people who like it really like it – and the people who are nervous to try it are often terrified of it! And understandably so: our butts are tied up in body shame and cultural taboos. That little hole is so close to your genitals and yet sometimes it feels like it’s a world away!

5 Iconic types of vibrators and why you'll love them

Posted By: Kate Sloan

The vibrator has existed for well over a century, and the sex toy industry is always updating this well-worn invention. That being said, there are still some kinds of vibrator which are classics for a reason, and whose popularity has stood the test of time

5 Tips for successful friends with benefits relationship

Posted By: Kate Sloan

Functional friends-with-benefits relationships are like the Loch Ness of the sex world: rarely seen, anecdotally reported, yet fiercely believed in by some. If you dare to say, “Sex always ruins friendships!” in a crowded room, you will likely be met with shouts of dissent. But there will also be bellows of agreement.

The gross, silly, delightful, imperfect realities of sex

Posted By: Kate Sloan

It’s odd that our society seems simultaneously obsessed with sex and terrified of it. We glorify the good, fun, glamorous parts, while often completely ignoring the parts that are embarrassing or difficult.

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The sex toy industry is not regulated yet. Body safe sex toys are made from various materials and there is varying information available about what materials are actually used in each toy. Ignite does not test body safe sex toys safety but chooses to sell toys that are produced by trusted sex toy brands.

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