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You're hot, then you're toy temperature play!

Posted By: Kate Sloan

It’s easy to forget, once you’ve been having sex for a while, just how much room there is for variation. There are infinite different ways to touch someone, or to be touched. You can mix up the pressure, the speed, the direction, the rhythm, the texture… and the temperature.

Organic & Orgasmic Coconut Oil Lube

Posted By: Kate Sloan

With its distinctive sweet scent and deliciously slippery texture, coconut oil is a simple, no-nonsense lube that’s less likely to irritate your skin than many preservative-packed artificial lubes out there. Make sure to buy organic, “virgin” or “extra virgin” coconut oil; it’s the most natural type available, untainted by pesticides and bleach.

The myth about beginner sex toys

Posted By: Kate Sloan

Despite having been popular for decades, sex toys still freak some people out. They’re viewed as intimidating, obtrusive, or even as a possible replacement for a human partner. While sex toys don’t have to be any of these things, this type of thinking has led to the development of a subcategory in the industry: “beginners’ toys.”

Marijuana vs Alcohol: A study on how they affect your sex

Posted By: Kate Sloan

Humans have known for eons that illicit substances can power up our brains and our bodies. Alcohol and drugs, used sparingly and wisely, can help us perform some tasks in a way that is more fun, more effective, or at least more interesting.

What phthalates are and how to avoid them

Posted By: Kate Sloan

Silence breeds ignorance, and ignorance breeds danger. That’s why dangerous chemicals, known as phthalates, have existed in sex toys for such a long time. Phthalates are an ingredient used to soften materials, so they’re often found in cheaper sex toys

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The sex toy industry is not regulated yet. Body safe sex toys are made from various materials and there is varying information available about what materials are actually used in each toy. Ignite does not test body safe sex toys safety but chooses to sell toys that are produced by trusted sex toy brands.

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