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5 Cool new things you'll find on our website
20 Dec

5 Cool new things you'll find on our website

Posted By: IGNITE

Over the last several months, I’ve been working hard to improve your sex toy shopping experience. I have simplified the layout, created new graphics, added a bunch of new features, and listed a ton of new toys.

Check it out:

1. Sex Toy Q&A

Let no question be left un-asked! While browsing the hundreds of products on our site, if any questions pop into your brain, ask it! On each product page, there is now a section to leave your question and it will be answered within 1 to 24 hours. Of course, I’ll do my best to answer ASAP, knowing that it may affect your purchasing decision. Ask ANYTHING, and I’ll post the answer on the page as well as reply to your email address. All Q&A are anonymous when posted to the website.

2. Share Your Wish List

You may not have known that we’ve always had a Wish List feature on the site but, now you can share that list with whoever you’d like. In order to create a wish list, you must first create an account, which allows us to remember your items. To add items to your wish list, log in and then browse to a category page or product page and click the HEART icon for any toy.

To share your list, click the heart icon in the top right corner of the site, then click “Show Share Options” button on you wish list page. Check the box that says, “Allow others to view my wish list”. This then gives you the options to share on FB or Twitter (yeah, I know you probably won’t, but in case you wanted to…), or copy the link so you can send it via text, messenger or any other communication app, or email directly to someone. As you add/remove toys from your wish list, your recipient will be able to see those changes when they visit the link. Once you turn off sharing, the link that you sent them will become inactive.

You could use this feature as gift registry for your wedding, birthday, anniversary, or just because!

3. IGNITE Favorites


I have created a category on the homepage called “IGNITE FAVORITES” where I add toys that I thoroughly enjoy. People are always asking me “what should I get?!” and that’s a hard question to answer because personal satisfaction is subjective. But I can tell you that the toys in this category are a blast, in my opinion. I hope this new category will help inspire you!

4. Sex Toy Bundles

In addition to the IGNITE Favorites category mentioned above, I have also organized some toy bundles for you to choose from. Again, the “what should I get?!” question pops up a lot, so I’ve decided to try bundling some toys that will allow you to explore and figure out what you like! You may not enjoy EVERY toy that you’ve ever used – or maybe you’ve never used any before, so it will be fun to try several without having to think about picking out a brand, color, feature, style, etc.

5. Amazon Pay at Checkout

I have saved the best for last! You may now purchase from our site using your Amazon account. This is an amazing feature, because who doesn’t have an Amazon account? It really makes the checkout much quicker and easier for those that do. You just add toys to your cart, go to your cart page, click the Amazon Pay button, log into your Amazon account. It will then ask you which shipping address and billing method you’d like to use from your Amazon account.

With this feature, you don’t need to create or log into an account on our site, and you won’t need to type in any of your addresses or credit card info. But note, you will not maintain an order history unless you ALSO create an account on our site. BUT, regardless if you have an account with us, we will email you your order confirmation with all order details, and your order tracking when it’s shipped.

[UPDATE: July, 2019] Amazon actually shut down our merchant account because we carry CBD products. Are you kidding me?!! Yeah, I fought it but of course they won. Stay tuned to see if I eventually get them to reopen it. GRRR!

[UPDATE: Jan, 2020] I fought them! But kept getting declined, so I removed the 4 CBD lubes I used to offer. Some day I'm sure we'll be able to retail them again.

Let me know what features you'd like to see next!

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