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4 Winning sex toy combinations
11 Aug

4 Winning sex toy combinations

Posted By: Kate Sloan

If one sex toy is pleasurable, it stands to reason that two sex toys would be twice as pleasurable! But in reality, sometimes it can be an exponential equation: two toys can create joy that is more than the sum of their parts. Here are 4 common sex toy combinations; feel free to try ‘em out and come up with your own!

1. Clitoral vibrator + dildo.

It’s a classic for a reason! Many people with vaginas enjoy internal and external stimulation each separately, but enjoy them even more when they’re combined. They each stimulate different nerves, and the combo can result in orgasms that feel deeper and more full-bodied than they would if you were only stimulating one zone at a time.

Small vibes, like the We-Vibe Tango and Lelo Lily, are ideal for this purpose because they don’t obstruct penetration. For internal pleasure, you can use whatever type of dildo strikes your fancy: maybe an intense G-spot wand, a filling realistic toy, or a textured glass dildo. The combination of sensations can feel overwhelming in a delicious way – and if, at any point, you find it too overwhelming, you can always put down one of the toys and just focus on using the other one for a while.

2. Wand vibe + butt plug.

A good wand vibrator is a fabulously versatile addition to anyone’s toybox: you can use it on its own, with specially-made attachments, as a body massager for sore muscles, or you can use it to make other toys vibrate. Few other toys match wands’ capacity to be a jack of all trades!

Once you’ve inserted a non-vibrating butt plug, like the Fun Factory Bootie or one of these Glass Anal Plugs, you can make it into a vibrating one by holding your wand vibe against the base of the plug. And if you should want to move the vibe onto your (or your partner’s) genitals after that, they’re conveniently pretty close by!

3. Kegel balls + paddle.

If you or your sweetheart are into spanking, Kegel balls (or a butt equivalent) can be an exciting addition to your kink play. If you’ve ever worn Kegel/Ben Wa balls before, you know that they jiggle around inside you when you walk around, trot up and down stairs, and so on – so, of course, they also vibrate quite a bit from the nearby impact of spanking!

A good old-fashioned hand spanking achieves this just fine, but if you want to turbo-charge your smacks, try a paddle. It’ll keep the person doing the topping from injuring their hand, and tends to hurt more than a hand does – which, after all, is sort of the point!

4. Restraints + blindfold.

There is a reason these kinky accoutrements are often depicted together: they go together hand-in-hand (or hand-in-cuff, as the case may be!). Assuming you’re with a partner you know who is trustworthy and have established a safeword with, cuffing or tying one person down while they’re wearing a blindfold can be an exciting exercise in trust and sensory deprivation. Just make sure you do your homework and read up on bondage safety before attempting this for the first time!

Adding a blindfold to a bondage scenario makes it so the restrained partner can’t see what’s happening to them and can’t physically escape from it, either. It’s a perfect setup for teasing games: for example, you can stroke or strike their body with a variety of objects and have them guess what you’re using on them – or you can stimulate non-sexual parts of their body while denying them what they really want, until they’re begging for more.

Have you ever tried any of these sex toy combos? What are some of your favorite ways to combine toys?

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