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How to clean your quality, body-safe sex toys
24 Apr

How to clean your quality, body-safe sex toys

Posted By: Crystal

Keeping your sex toys clean is pretty easy if they’re made from quality, body safe materials. If they’re made of pure silicone, glass, metal, ABS plastic, or sealed ceramic, they’re less porous and will not trap nasty bacteria, but you sill need to clean them thoroughly. Note: Always check the toy's the box or user's manual before you clean your sex toy.


Cleaning your sex toys with soap and water

Cleaning your sex toys after each use

After each use, it’s best to clean your toys right away. You don’t really want the lube and natural juices to dry on them because it becomes little more difficult to wash away. The best thing to do is wash them with mild/gentle antibacterial soap & warm water. Typically, good quality and luxury sex toys are at least splash-proof, but a lot of them are fully water-proof. If they’re only splash-proof, be a little extra careful about running them under water for too long, and avoid any seams or charging ports. Be sure to let the soap stay on the surface of the toy for at least 2 minutes to allow it to do it’s antibacterial work. Then just rinse and pat dry with a towel.

It’s never a bad idea to also wash or wipe down your toy before each use as well. Depending on how you store them, they may have collected dust, pet hair or what ever else is floating around in the air. Just run them under warm water and do a quick wash with some anti-bacterial soap.

boiling your sex toys

Disinfecting & sterilizing your sex toys

Whether you use your sex toys on a regular basis or just once in a while, you might want to also boil them occasionally. Maybe every couple weeks or once a month. But if you use your toy anally and want to also use them vaginally, you should always boil after use! This insures full sterilization. NOTE: you can only boil toys if they are made of quality silicone (or some metal or glass toys too). Do not try boiling see-through jelly toys or “realistic skin” or life-like materials, they will fall apart! Also, do not boil toys that have motors in them, unless the motors can be removed. Be sure to read the manufacture's packaging and/or website to be sure that your toy can handle being boiled. You can also check out Dangerous Lilly's Sex Toy Cleaning Guide for more details on each material.

cleaning body safe sex toys

Boiling your toys

The boiling processes is super simple. Just grab a large, deep pot (one that you’ve dedicated to cleaning your sex toys), and fill with enough water to cover your toys. You can put the toys in the pot and then fill with water so you have the proper level, but then remove them before you put the pot over heat. Turn your heat to high and get the water going. Once it starts to boil, gently place your toys in the water with some tongs. You may be able to turn the heat down a little, but keep the water boiling. Then just set the timer for 8-10 min. When they’re done, just use some tongs to pick out each one and let them set on a clean towel to cool and dry.

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