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Why you should care about sex toy porosity

Posted By: Kate Sloan Comments: 0 Times Read: 77

There are a few phrases that you see again and again when you look for body-safe toys. “Phthalate-free,” for example. “Non-toxic.” “Medical-grade.” One that comes up often is “non-porous” – and it’s just as important as the others listed here.

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Quality alternatives to vibrating panties

Posted By: Kate Sloan Comments: 0 Times Read: 85

The sex toy industry is full of gimmicky ideas, and only some of them are as effective as they claim. One such gizmo is the “panty vibe”: a genre of small vibrator you wear in your underwear.

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Sex Toy Reviews: Who can you trust?

Posted By: Kate Sloan Comments: 0 Times Read: 92

A sex toy reviewer can tell you whether a toy worked for them, but they can’t tell you whether it’s an objectively good or bad toy – because there is no such thing. If your searching for the best sex toy reviews, keep in mind that all reviews are subjectiv

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Sex Toy Review: We-Vibe Sex Toy Lineup

Posted By: Crystal Comments: 0 Times Read: 57

One sex toy maker that’s been consistently great over the past few years is We-Vibe: they crank out above-average products a few times a year, listen to consumer feedback, and update their lineup accordingly. Here are a few standouts from the We-Vibe catal

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Wood you like to try a wood dildo?

Posted By: Kate Sloan Comments: 0 Times Read: 213

One such material is wood. Before you clamp your thighs shut in splinter-related horror, let me explain: reputable makers of wooden sex toys, like NobEssence, put their products through a rigorous process of smoothing, polishing, and sealing.

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5 Reasons to invest in quality sex toys. You deserve it!

Posted By: Kate Sloan Comments: 0 Times Read: 47

In a culture which shames sexual pleasure and “extravagant” expenditures (especially for women), it’s easy to feel like sex toys aren’t worth droppin’ dough on. Too often, pleasure objects fall to the bottom of our to-buy list, beneath other items both essential and non-essential.

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Invest in the quality of your pleasure with the best, body-safe adult toys.

Tired of the search for non-toxic, non-porous, body-safe sex toys? Tired of buying the same ol' cheap vibrators that keep breaking? Does your dildo still smell like plastic chemicals no matter how many times you wash it? Are you ready to up your game?

There are literally tens of thousands of adult toys on the market. Places like Amazon, eBay, and several other "top" retailers will sell you any toy under the sun, but here you will only find the best sex toys available. The toys we select are based on the non-toxic, non-porous, body-safe materials used to make them. Your search has ended here.

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