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Wood you like to try a wood dildo?
14 Apr

Wood you like to try a wood dildo?

Posted By: Kate Sloan

The sex toy industry has heartily embraced unusual materials: glass, metal, ceramic, and more. Produced and used safely, these toys add the spice of variety to a masturbation lineup – like combining velvet, leather, and sequins in an outfit for a sassy night out.

One such material is wood. Before you clamp your thighs shut in splinter-related horror, let me explain: reputable makers of wooden sex toys, like NobEssence, put their products through a rigorous process of smoothing, polishing, and sealing. The sealant makes these toys both waterproof and body-safe, so you can use them to your heart’s content without fear of damaging the toy or hurting yourself or your partner.

The benefits of wood as a sex toy material are numerous, but here’s an important one: it’s firm without being heavy. G-spots and prostates often respond well to firm pressure and extended periods of hard and fast thrusting – but if your favorite toy for this purpose is made of a heavy material like steel, that intensity can tire you out fast. By contrast, a wooden toy like the NobEssence Seduction is relatively easy to wield – but just as firm, so you don’t have to sacrifice pleasure for that ease of use.

Like metal toys, wooden ones can also be used with any type of lube you please – water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based – and a little lube goes a long way on their nonporous finish. You can heat up or cool down wood toys for some fun temperature play, though they won’t hold a temperature as well or as long as glass and metal toys do.

Wood toys are also some of the most beautiful products in the whole sex toy industry. Because of the very nature of wood, each one is unique, with complex whorls and swirls in its grain. They’re so gorgeous that you could put them on display in your home – though a toy-savvy visitor might still know what’s up!

NobEssence Wood Dildos

Interested in trying a wooden toy? Here are a few of NobEssence’s bestsellers…

The aforementioned Seduction is a super-intense G-spot dildo. It’s double-ended: the smaller side is perfect for warm-up or pinpoint G-spot stimulation, while the broader end is better for people who enjoy being filled up and/or like their G-spot stimulation wide and all-encompassing. Its S-shaped curve makes it easy to thrust with, even as you get into “Harder! Faster! Don’t stop!” territory.

The Romp is NobEssence’s butt plug, and it’s easily one of the prettiest toys in their catalogue. Its graceful curves help it press against the prostate, or indirectly against the G-spot. Its base can also put gentle pressure on the perineum. Pro tip: holding a strong vibrator to the base of a butt plug can add a whole extra dimension of pleasure!

The Fling is also meant to access the G-spot, though it has a flared base which makes it safe for anal insertion as well. It’s smaller than the Seduction, so it’s a better choice for folks with less penetration experience or who just like their insertables on the slimmer side. It also has a fingerhole in the base, making it ideal for people with mobility or dexterity issues in their wrists or hands. If you and your partner like to incorporate penetration into oral sex, the Fling is great for that too: its small base doesn’t get in the way too much, and the giver only has to loop their fingers through the fingerhole and jiggle it in and out, freeing them up to focus most of their efforts on what their mouth is doing.

Would you ever try a wooden sex toy? Which member of the NobEssence lineup piques your interest the most?

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